• Welcome to the Spiritual Life Center!
      The Spiritual Life Center is a place where the movement of the Spirit is acknowledged and honored; where deep inner-work happens and awakened lives result; where art and beauty are explored with inclusiveness and joy; where inter-spirituality heals the wounds and misconceptions between people of different faiths and where all who work for ecological and social justice can come for support and community.
    • What is Spiritual Direction?
      Spiritual Direction (SD) is a facilitated practice of deepening one's spirituality through regularly occurring focused attention.  In it the trained "director" helps spiritual "seeker" to notice, name, reflect on and respond to her or his experience of the Holy in everyday life and work as well as in extraordinary moments of joy, loss or trauma.  The process of Spiritual Direction serves and embraces people of all faiths and from all walks of life and can be practiced in one-to-one and/or group settings. Time commitment is usually one hour per month for individuals, 90 minutes per month for groups.  Learn More